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Landscaping Design

• The Design Process – Residential/Commercial

The design process begins with a free/no obligation consultation. This meeting will begin with us listening to your needs, goals, budget, and vision for your new landscape. We will also listen to your concerns and discuss any issues which you may be currently experiencing. An analysis of your property and its attributes will be performed and by using our expertise and experience, we will provide you with design ideas and solutions. During this meeting we will provide you with information regarding the many landscape design features which can be incorporated into your landscape design, such a patio/terraces, retaining/seat walls, pathways, water features, and landscape lighting. Also, we will also discuss any sprinkler system needs to be incorporated in your landscape at this time. Since Genesis Landscaping, Inc. is a design/build company, we will closely monitor the entire process which will provide you with peace of mind throughout all aspects of the landscape installation/renovation - saving you time and money.

• Fundamental Landscape Renovation

This is best suited the customer looking to make some minor changes to their existing landscape. These changes do not require the time and expense of creating a formal to scale design plan. An initial consultation usually provides enough information to proceed with an informal plan. This informal plan involves an agreement on plant materials and design features. We would proceed by providing you with a written estimate, transitioning directly to installation.

• Total Landscape Renovation

More involved, total renovations, including new construction, require a hand-drawn to scale design of your new proposed landscape plan. During this process, we will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final plans before the design becomes a reality. You will be provided with a written estimate which will detail plants and materials to be installed. Once approval is provided, we then transition to the installation of your new landscape. Upon completion, we will meet with you to ensure that we have not only met your expectations, but exceeded them!

We will be happy to discuss with you the many property maintenance services we can provide; including fertilization programs, to ensure your new landscape continues to look beautiful throughout each season.

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