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Fertilization Programs


Genesis Landscaping, Inc. provides our residential and commercial customers many options when it comes to their individual lawn care and ornamental tree/shrub care needs. All of our treatments are done under the care and supervision of our two State of Ohio licensed commercial pesticide applicators. Our use of industry leading synthetic and organic products allow us to provide our customers with a lush, healthy lawn with only four seasonal applications, as opposed to many of our competitors who may use inferior or less expensive products which requires five to six applications per season. Our commitment to top-quality, slow-release fertilizers not only save you money, but also aid in the effort of a more eco-friendly environment through limiting the amount of applications. Please take some time to browse through our fertilization plans to determine which best fits your personal needs. Contact us for additional information or with questions you may have relative to your fertilization plans. We look forward to providing you with a free estimate/consultation!


• Lawn Treatment Plans

Traditional Fertilization Plan

This plan is the traditional approach to lawn care. The application(s) consists of a slow-release, granular fertilizer and includes the spot treatment of weeds on as needed basis. Insect/disease and crab grass control applications are most effective when utilized in a "preventive approach", therefore, this traditional plan includes season-appropriate chemical applications which allows for the optimal health of your lawn throughout the season. Notification signs are posted upon completion of these applications which serve as a safety reminder for small children and pets to refrain from use of lawn for up to 24 hours.

Organic Plus Fertilization Plan

This plan uses the fundamental approach of an organic fertilization plan plus the very limited use of spot chemical treatments for the control of weeds and lawn pests. Organic-based fertilizers are very effective promoting strong root growth for an overall healthy lawn. By significantly limiting the applied amount of synthetic chemicals, an environmentally friendly weed-free lawn can be achieved. Since chemicals are applied on occasion under this plan, notification signs will be posted upon completion of these applications which serve as a safety reminder for small children and pets to refrain from use of lawn for up to 24 hours.

Organic Fertilization Plan

This plan is a complete 100 percent organic application which is for those "green", environmentally conscious individuals. No use of chemicals or synthetic products will be used on lawn. This approach to lawn care, however, is most fitting for those who are not looking to achieve a manicured, weed-free lawn.

Did you know?
Lime is a natural compound of calcium or calcium and magnesium. Although not a fertilizer, it actually improves the efficiency of fertilizer. An application of lime can increase the availability of soil micronutrients, thereby improving your lawn's overall health. Genesis Landscaping, Inc. uses lime applications as a corrective measure or maintenance application in conjunction with any of our fertilization plans.


• Ornamental Tree, Shrub, and Perennial Garden Programs

Genesis Landscaping provides complete ornamental tree and shrub care. We can apply an early spring poly coated, 16-16-16 granular fertilizer beneficial to all trees, shrubs, perennials and even groundcovers! This specially coated fertilizer slowly releases nutrients into the soil providing your plants food for up to four months. We also offer total plant care by providing insect and disease spray applications for ornamental trees and shrubs. These applications control damaging insects and curtail diseases in many of your garden plants. Additionally, our professional staff would be happy to discuss the many advantages to using soil amendments for the best results in your garden.

Our attention to detail relative to your lawn and garden is sure to deliver a manicured, healthy lawn with beautiful, eye-catching gardens to enhance the splendor of your home. It's all good!