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Property Maintenance


Genesis Landscaping is a full service property maintenance company, servicing both commercial and residential accounts. We believe the true test of the reputation of a company providing weekly property maintenance is the longevity of their relationship with their customers. The majority of our customers have been utilizing our property maintenance services for over ten years. Some of our customers have been using our family's landscape service for two or three generations! In our current society, there seems to be infinite choices relative to landscaping companies, however, our reputation of honest, high quality, and reliable property maintenance should reassure you that we are a company worth hiring and retaining.

Positive first impressions are of the utmost importance. Genesis Landscaping Inc. strives to provide you with a professionally groomed and maintained property, which is sure to receive curb-appeal compliments resulting in a positive first impression, as well as peace of mind.


• Lawn and Garden Maintenance Services

Our weekly lawn maintenance includes services such as;

  • Bagging or mulching your lawn clippings (at your discretion);
  • Line trimming around trees, structures, and walkways;
  • Cleaning up of any sticks and/or debris that may have accumulated from the previous week; and
  • Using blowers to clean off any remaining grass clippings from your pavement.

We also offer lawn and garden fertilization programs to keep your property looking great from spring to fall!

Our lawn maintenance services consist of weekly visits by our crew members. Generally after July 1st we may experience hot, summer-drought conditions. If your lawn has little to no growth, you may contact us 24 hours in advance of your normal cut day to request that cutting be skipped that week, which in return will save you money. However, the maximum time allowed between cuts is bi-weekly, and only during times of little or no growth. This is to assure that your yard will always be maintained and looking good! In conjunction with our lawn maintenance program, we also offer these services:

  • Lawn Aeration
  • Mulching/Edging of Beds
  • Lawn De-Thatching
  • Spring and Fall Clean-ups
  • New Lawn Installation
  • Spraying of Ornamental Shrubs and Trees
  • Existing Lawn Renovation
  • Sprinkler System Installation/Maintenance

Did you know?

We are one of the few landscaping companies in the area equipped with the knowledge and machinery to maintain creeping bent lawns.Please contact us for a free estimate and consultation!


• Perennial Garden/Bed Maintenance

We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly garden maintenance. These services include:

  • Weeding
  • Staking flowers
  • Dead-heading perennials
  • Insect/Disease control

You can be confident that our knowledgeable and experienced employees know the difference between weeds and flowers! (A common complaint we've heard from people who are looking to switch landscape providers.)

Depending on the size and scope of your property, Genesis Landscaping can allocate the correct number of man-hours needed to keep your gardens looking beautiful. Some gardens may require a fundamental landscape renovation to get things looking nice again. We have the experience and resources to complete the job in a timely matter, so that you can get back to enjoying your outdoor living area!

We offer plant care consisting of:

  • Dormant pruning
  • Mid-season hand pruning and/or shearing shrubs
  • Fall/Winter burlap protection of exposed and cold-sensitive shrubbery

We also have fertilization programs with top-grade fertilizers and soil amendments to keep your garden supplied with the nutrients needed for optimum health and growth.


• Seasonal Color/Container Gardens

Beds of seasonal plantings provide focal points in your garden, delivering season long color. These splashes of color catch your eye and invite your guests to explore further into your garden. Beginning with spring Pansies and Bulbs, to summer annuals with tropical plant accents, ending in fall with Mums, Kale, and Pansies, we can enhance your garden with a season full of color. We can also design and plant container gardens if you have unfavorable conditions and/or space limitations in your garden. Container gardening is also a great option to brighten up entryways, outdoor patios, and entertainment areas.

No matter how large or small your project, we will work with you in selecting the best varieties of plants and instructing how to care for them. Better yet, let us take care of all of your maintenance needs with our Bed Maintenance Programs.


• Deer and Rodent Protection

As the years progress, one gardening issue that seems to worsen is the damage done by deer and other animals. One day your plants and flowers are at their peak, looking great, and the next morning they are gone! Even some plants listed as "deer browse resistant" have been affected. We have seen deer browse damage in gardens all around Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Richmond Heights, and even Wickliffe. It seems no area is safe from deer browse damage anymore.

We use the latest organic liquid deer prevention spray on the market, with the longest residual protection in order to limit the amount of applications your plants will need, while still being effective.

Please contact us to discuss our various treatment options! We also offer deer prevention treatments as part of our lawn maintenance programs, in which our crew members can monitor your garden for deer browse activity on a weekly basis.

Contact us to discuss your property maintenance needs!