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Design Features

• Patio and Walkways

Well-designed walkways and patios can add a lifetime of elegance and function to your garden. A well planned patio becomes and extension to your home; your personal outdoor living room, and adds to your property's value. A beautifully designed front walkway can improve curb appeal and give guests an inviting first impression of your home. Garden pathways and walks interact to connect and lead you from one garden to the next! Material options for patios and walkways are unlimited. We will work with you to guide your decision regarding which material works best with your existing architecture and style of home. In addition, we will take in to consideration your existing site conditions such as grading, drainage, and surrounding lawns and gardens. Whether you select Sandstone, Bluestone, or pavers, our knowledgeable and experienced team will complete your project right the first time. If you are considering a fundamental landscape renovation such as re-laying an existing uneven patio or walkway, please contact us for a free estimate/consultation.

• Retaining/Decorative Walls

Retaining and decorative walls are one of the most sought after and beneficial hardscape features you can add to your landscape. They not only provide form and texture, but they are also functional. Retaining walls can help to hold soil in place, and can provide extra seating for surrounding your patio. Decorative walls can provide visual interest to any garden by creating multiple levels, and defining spaces which will enhance the overall appearance of your property. We are able to construct walls from natural stone or interlocking wall material and in various shapes and sizes to maximize your garden's potential. Regardless of the scope or type of renovation, contact us for a free estimate/consultation.

• Water Features

What do you think of when you hear the word relaxation? Tranquility, spa treatments, peace of mind? Perhaps it is the calming sound of water? Whether it's a fountain, Koi pond, or simply a bubbling urn nestled under a window, we can help you transform your outdoor space into a resort-like retreat! Water features are a value added benefit for your livelihood and property. Whether you are considering a fundamental landscape renovation or a total landscape renovation, a water feature incorporated in the design will provide many years of enjoyment for you and your guests. Contact us today to discuss which water feature will work best for your property!

• Outdoor Lighting

At one time, outdoor lighting was overlooked as a design feature. Today, with the advancement of technology and numerous fixture and bulb options, it has become a popular choice to showcase your home and garden features. Lighting can be used to highlight architectural aspects of your home, ornamental trees and plants, and water features. It brings beauty to your garden throughout all four seasons, and allows you to enjoy your outdoor entertainment areas in the evenings and/or after dark. We can design a lighting system for your home that not only highlights your landscape features, but provides safety and a peace of mind as well. It's all good! Contact us today to discuss your outdoor lighting design!